Paint & Beyond stocks a range of cost-effective, innovative
products for all types of paint applications.

Our paint colours are available on large brush out cards (painted board), giving you an accurate interpretation of your colour choice. We keep a comprehensive database of any tinted paints purchased, as well as the detail of the project it was used for. This means that should you return at a later date to query a colour or purchase more paint, we need only refer to our records to match your colour perfectly


Wanting to know what paint colour is used in a picture you like? Get it ready to upload, click on the link below and Plascon’s Swatch it will give you a swatch of colours used.

Calculate it

If you would like to make sure you purchase the right amount of paint for the job, then visit the paint calculator tool on Plascon’s website to assist you in getting your quantities right. 


We believe that there is so much more to paint than just decorating walls. That’s why Plascon has developed innovative products that improve the lives of our customers. Painting is a quick and inexpensive way to give an old room a breath of fresh air or to make your house more sellable.


When it comes to enhancing and preserving your property portfolio, there is only one solution. The Plascon 360° Partnership Pledge. The 360° pledge is a complete solution, one that is cost effective and custom designed to your projects. We partner closely with our contractors, offering a free on-site specification service to ensure the right product application for any project.


Our products are designed to not only meet a diverse range of requirements across multiple industries, but to do so in an environmentally sustainable manner.